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You decided to prescribe one of our individual artificial respiration masks. We care for all further steps. In order to ensure that the respective health insurance company covers the costs we need two documents: the written order and the prescription. Both documents are to be filled in, signed, stamped and send to us by you as responsible physician.

As soon as we get these two documents we send a cost estimate to the respective health insurance company.

As soon as we get the confirmation that the health insurance takes over the costs we directly contact you in order to discuss with you and your patient the necessary steps and schedule to provide the individual mask.

Then we can start the production of the individual mask. When handing over the mask and possible add-ons the patient gets an intensive introduction in accordance with the German legal requirements (Medizinproduktegesetz).

Finally you are asked to confirm the correct functioning, workmanship and compatibility with the respective form. Please send the original version of this form to us. If there should be any problems with the new mask the patient will contact us directly.


Our individual respiration masks guarantee unique quality

Supported by the Bavarian Ministry for Economy and Media, Energy and Technology:
  • Bayern innovativ, Förderprogramm "Innovationsgutschein"
  • Regierung der Oberpfalz, Förderprogramm "Digitalbonus"
Certified for all German health insurance companies:

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PQS Präqualifizierung

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