Why our solutions are unique:

  • case specific completely contact-free production process 3-D scan (0.07 sec.) 3-D print
  • no stress for the patient during 3-D processing (patent handed in)
  • skin compatible, use of biocompatible, certified materials
  • high wearing comfort
  • low contact pressure
  • little dead space
  • long lasting (maximum use each night for more than 17 years is documented in reference hospital)
  • possibility of underlay in several layers (e.g. in case of drastic changes in body weight)
  • soft support, can be added in several layers
  • adjusting by itself (up to half a year), can be renewed several time
  • disinfectant by itself (up to half a year), can be renewed several times
  • compatible to all respiration machine systems
  • problem oriented design of masks
  • if indicated: individual chin support strap as second system possible (patent handed in)
  • can be used while wearing a beard
  • can be used while wearing glasses
  • can be used while wearing a dental prostheses (e.g. total or front teeth)
  • nostrils visible during artificial respiration
  • suitable for patients needing intensive care
  • suitable for children
  • low weight
  • high breaking resistance
  • high fitting accuracy/tightness
  • optimal distribution of contact pressure
  • case specific attachment at 3-,4-,5-,6- or 7 points
  • service number integrated
  • name of patient integrated
  • easy to clean
  • can be provided in different colors
  • service for add-ons
  • best possible service for the patient
  • intense introduction during handing over the mask, according to German legal requirements (MPG)
  • high contentedness of patients
  • costs covered by all German insurance companies (maximum additional costs 10,- Euro)
  • data privacy
  • well established system (see references), more than thousand in use each day


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