Scan-base in Baden-Württemberg

The necessary infra-structure is now also available in Baden-Württemberg, following many requests from patients, medical institutions, providers of medical techniques and health insurance companies.

From now on we can offer our digital approach for an optimal, problem-oriented and individual mask solution also in Baden-Württemberg. Our scan-base in Kirchheim-Teck takes care for the contact-free 3D data collection as basis for our own production of the needed respiration mask system by Uli Steiner medical technique/

The following is possible from now on:

  1. 3D scan in Kichheim-Teck, data transfer according to DGSVO
  2. Problem-oriented design, preparation (3D-print), adjustment according to problem parameters
  3. Final adjustment/sending/hand-over/introduction according to MPG via different media
  4. Service/ongoing care by us (24h hotline/service contacts directly in the mask).

Orders requests are done by doctors and persons treating the patient.

Both respective and necessary forms you can find on our web page. The log-in data for downloading you can get via a telephone call for cost-free and individual patient advice.
Regulating the cost take-over by the individual health insurance is done by us mandatorily.

By the way:
In the realm of respiration at home we are since 2017 a contracting partner of i.a. AOK with our 3D-system, including our own, insurance-specific product number. We want to mention the successful treatments of patients in Baden-Württemberg we had so far. In the realm of apnoe we develop individual solutions for cost take-over according to existing contracts with insurance companies.

We offer now in Baden-Württemberg as well an easy opportunity to use an approved, digital and accepted (PQS-certified) way to improve patient’s quality of life.

We hope to have sparked your interest also in Baden-Württemberg and are looking forward to more detailed exchange by telephone calls. Of course, we also answer questions posed via email.

Uli Steiner, certified dental master technician
Owner of Medial technique Steiner/

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